Why Choose Donna Ambler Davis, PC?

Your choice of an attorney is going to make a significant impact on matters that can affect the rest of your life. Our perspective and approach are straightforward guidance to the path of emotional, physical, and financial stability. Our professional team is caring and capable – you can trust that our priority is safeguarding your best interests.

When Things are Most Difficult, We’re Here To Help

The path is not always clear, and your legal concerns are not always black and white. Not every attorney has the knowledge and experience to address the complex equitable distribution involved with business entities, multiple real estate holdings and protecting precious family heirlooms and other assets or the unique understanding and experience to address the high emotions and conflicts in custody matters. Children’s needs must come first, property and asset valuations must be accurate, and the distribution of assets and debts must be equitable. Our legal team has extensive experience creating amicable solutions and a solid reputation for strong courtroom litigation. Our attorneys have a combined more than 50 years of professional experience creating and maintaining our reputation and relationships with other attorneys and the courts.

Our legal team has the insight you need to address not just divorce, but the full range of family law issues, including:

– Alimony/Spousal Support
– Child Custody and Visitation
– Child Support
– Equitable Distribution/Property Division of marital assets
– Protection of separate assets
– Matters involving Domestic Violence
– Prenuptial, Postnuptial and Separations Agreements

We Leverage All Your Options

At Donna Ambler Davis, PC, we are highly experienced with collaboration, negotiation, mediation, and litigation. As we explore your unique circumstances, we can speak with confidence about your options, how they will affect your relationships and what you need to know to make wise choices. We will help you develop a long-term road map to rebuilding your life through mediation, litigation, or a combination of both. Whether resolving your issues amicably through mediation, collaborative law, negotiation, or through aggressive courtroom litigation, our team is committed to be at your side every step of the way.

Making You Whole Again.™

Our top priority is giving you the strength and the legal representation you need to resolve difficult family law disputes. Our experience, passion and insight into complicated divorce and separation issues, child custody, visitation, support, multifaceted property division and other matters can take you from worrying over a series of crises to becoming your best self. We are committed to making you whole again.


“I knew I was in good hands. Thank you for your wisdom and perspective during this challenging time. I am so appreciative of the focus, professionalism and warmth.”


“I have known Donna Ambler Rice in her role as a practicing attorney and mine as a district court judge for more than 30 years.  She is known to be a tireless advocate for her clients.  Her reasoning skills and knowledge of the law are surpassed by none.”


“My case presented extra challenges and Donna Rice tackled each issue aggressively on my behalf.  Without her tireless efforts and extensive family law experience, I would not have the custody arrangement I now have.”


“Without Donna Rice’s help, my custody case would not have been so successful. I am sure not all custody cases have happy endings, but mine did. My daughter has grown up as an accomplished young woman as a result.”


“Donna Rice is a superb facilitator, leading the parties to a realization of the issues and an outcome that takes into consideration their goals while assessing the reality of their situation.”

Innovative Leadership For Reaching Solutions Through Negotiation, Mediation, Collaborative Law And Litigation In North Carolina

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Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Domestic Violence, Alimony And Spousal Support

Child Custody, Visitation And Child Support

Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements And Separation Agreements

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation And Collaborative Law


Meet Our Founding Attorney

Our founding attorney, Donna Ambler Rice, is a board-certified family law specialist. She is certified as a family financial mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission, and she is trained and certified in collaborative law. Whatever it takes to develop the best strategy to resolve your issue — whether amicably or litigating for you in court — she is committed to it.

For more than 30 years, Donna Ambler Rice has been providing straightforward counsel and expert legal representation to navigate clients through their defining moments of crisis – out of complex divorces, difficult child custody issues, multifaceted equitable division of property and other critical family law matters – and into a place of wholeness and stability.

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