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What Our Clients And Colleagues Say About Us

Accolades from our clients and colleagues mean a great deal to us.  Here are their impressions of working with our firm.

“Donna, thank you for all you did for me and the part you played in my life for so many years. You will probably never know how important your advice was to me and how much your words would ring in my head at times to keep me on the right path when things were bleak and the way was unclear. To update you, I am absolutely whole again…I was fortunate to not make the same mistake twice …Instead I heard you and heeded your warnings…I cannot tell you the joy I feel in knowing I have chosen well.”

“Donna and her team were incredible to work with, very detailed and excellent at protecting her client’s interest!”

“Donna Ambler Davis represented me in a very difficult and painful legal separation from my spouse of 30 years. She and her staff were supportive, and treated me with compassionate awareness and understanding of my situation throughout the entire process. Her promise to make me “feel whole again” was attained.”

“I was very fortunate to have Donna recommended to me by a friend. She is the attorney you want on your side representing your best interests. Divorce is painful, stressful, and emotional. Donna has seen it all! She doesn’t judge, just focuses on the facts and the law. Above all, Donna is about fairness — for all parties! I would not hesitate to recommend her and her talented team.”

“I was guided to Donna Rice to handle my divorce by a competing attorney. My attorney was leaving her private law practice and could no longer represent me. She advised me that Donna Rice was the most passionate advocate for her clients in the area and was someone that you would not want to come up against in a legal contest. My initial consultation with Donna was transformational in my healing. Her experience and compassion were evident. Donna has a keen ability to read between the lines and get to the heart of issues that have been unspoken or perhaps not even realized by her clients. Over the course of my divorce, Donna provided me with excellent legal counsel and wise advice on rebuilding one’s life following a difficult and unimaginable loss of a 24 year marriage. Her office staff were always professional and kind and readily available for questions and concerns. Donna Rice’s handling of my divorce was instrumental in the process of me “becoming whole again” following the major upheaval of a failed marriage.”

“Donna Ambler Davis is an awesome lawyer. She knows the law and digs deep for details in order to be prepared for whatever you might face. I have used her for issues concerning divorce, child support, custody, property distribution, and guardianship. Donna responds quickly to emails and phone calls, has a staff that is competent and supportive, and is well respected in the area of family law. Donna has been my lawyer for close to 10 years; I trust her and have been well represented in both mediations and in court. She submits her documents to the court correctly and on time. Each time that I have used her as my lawyer, I came out on top. Donna Ambler Davis is a fighter.”

“Donna clearly understood my priorities and gave me expert advice. She genuinely cares about the children of divorce and is willing to advocate for them first and foremost.”

“Donna and her team were responsive and determined when representing my case. She was able to resolve my custody situation through diligent preparation and outstanding representation during our court appearances.”

“I highly recommend Mme Donna A Rice as a dedicated consummate professional family attorney. She represented me in two separate matters, and achieved remarkable results both times, saving me countless hours of worry, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in results. I recommend Mme Donna A Rice with complete confidence.”

“I have known Donna Ambler Rice in her role as a practicing attorney and mine as a district court judge for more than 30 years.  Ms. Rice’s reputation is stellar, and she is a consummate professional.  She is known to be a tireless advocate for her clients.  Her reasoning skills and knowledge of the law are surpassed by none.  Ms. Rice is thorough, fair minded and detail oriented.  Additionally, Ms. Rice has served as an excellent mentor of a number of associates in her firm and has long been a leader in our local family bar.”

“Dear Donna and team, I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me with my custody case. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Everyone was very helpful, caring and put me at ease during a stressful situation.”

“Thank you for your wisdom and perspective during this challenging time. I knew I was in good hands and am so appreciative of the focus, professionalism and warmth.”

“I very much appreciate everything that you did for me. You offered me excellent advice and stood by me during a most difficult time. You were both a lawyer and a friend and I appreciated the freedom to both laugh and cry through the separation ordeal. I hope and pray never to experience such an event again.”

“I doubt that without your help my custody case would have turned out so successful. I am sure not all custody cases have happy endings, but this one has. I do hope this offers you a sense of satisfaction and an indicator of the importance of the work that you do. My daughter has grown up as an accomplished young woman as a result.”

“Donna: Thank you for a great mediation. I especially appreciated your insight and understanding.”

“You are a superb facilitator, gently leading the parties to a realization of the issues and an outcome that takes into consideration their goals while assessing the reality of their situation. I was also impressed by your ability to work with the numbers involved that played a part in how the parties arrived at their decisions. I learned so much from you and appreciate the better understanding I gained of the process.”

“Donna Ambler Rice is outstanding. Ms. Rice helped my friend and his current wife get full custody of his two kids from a previous marriage. They just renewed their vows this summer, the “blended” kids are doing great, and they have two amazingly beautiful kids together. A happy ending – and Ms. Rice helped make it happen.”

“Donna is one of the most quietly brilliant people I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her use of language is incredibly effective and her style is perfect for producing positive outcomes. She has been able to settle a year-long perpetual conflict. I would recommend Donna unequivocally. I am grateful in ways that words cannot quite describe. With gratitude and forever, thank you.”

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